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Helen Richey, Forever Dance Studios - The Place To Dance

Helen Richey from Dancing With The Stars writes...

For me, being able to dance is such a wonderful feeling. You are able to dance to your favourite music, to meet new friends and, of course, to enjoy your own favourite styles of dancing from all around the world.

Throughout my years of dancing and coaching, the most common statement I hear is, "I would love to be able to dance", usually followed by, "Where can I learn to dance?".

I highly recommend Forever Dance.


One thing I've learnt over these years is that anyone can learn to dance - it's simply a matter of taking the first step! (Pun intended!).

You'll find learning to dance such an enjoyable experience and it will also be great fun - I promise.

So, where do you learn to dance? Fortunately, there are many excellent social dancing studios across Melbourne catering for all styles of dancing. Now, if you are looking for a studio that teaches a whole variety of dance styles and incorporates a sense of fun and enjoyment, I highly recommend Forever Dance.

In addition to my adjudication role on Dancing with the Stars, I have also adjudicated on many occasions at a variety of events hosted by Forever Dance in Melbourne. I have always been impressed by the standard of their students and the warm, friendly and inviting atmosphere created by the staff.

So, if you want to experience that 'wonderful feeling' - stop thinking about it - take the first step!