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New Vogue

Originating in the 1930’s The New Vogue dance style is an Australian form of sequence dancing. There are a large number of New Vogue dances, although only a handful are common. All New Vogue dances are based on a sequence of dance steps which are continually repeated, usually until the music ends. They sequences are always either 16 or 32 bars long, and require music that is in turn "sequenced" (comprising of verses that are either 16 or 32 bars long). As they are the same sequence of steps repeated over again this makes the dances easy to pick up by beginners. They can perform the dances to a respectable level within a short time of learning. New Vogue dances can be danced at different levels, with higher levels requiring more precise steps and the addition of arm and torso movement, known as "styling". This in a nutshell makes the dances easy to pick up but hard to master. New Vogue Dances are based on one of several sub categories, including Viennese Waltz Rhythm, Slow Foxtrot Rhythm, March Rhythm,Tango Rhythm and Quickstep Rhythms.Examples of the different rhythms:

Vienesse Waltz – Parma Waltz, Swing Waltz
Slow  Foxtrot – Merrilyn, Barclay Blues
March – Evening 3 Step, Barcelona
Tango  – Tangoette, Tango Terrific
Quickstep – New Vogue Quickstep