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The Quickstep or sometimes known as the “Trick Step” is the fastest and brightest of the Ballroom dances.

With runs, kicks and slides it is the Ferrari of the Ballroom world. Negotiating the crowded dance floor at high speeds and being able to check and turn away from other couples, whilst being musical, is the hallmark of a great dancer. The Quickstep was developed during World War I in suburbian New York and was initially performed by Caribbean and African dancers. It eventually made its debut on the stage of American music-halls and immediately became popular in the ballrooms. Foxtrot and Quickstep have a common origin. In the twenties many bands played the slow-foxtrot too fast, which gave rise to many complaints. Eventually they developed into two different dances, slow-foxtrot tempo has been slowed down and Quickstep became clearly the fast version of Foxtrot, danced at 48 bars per minute tempo.

The Charleston had a lot of influence on the development of Quickstep; also musically it evolved through the ragtime jazz era so the music helped add the rhythmic quality to the dance. The Quickstep followed hot on the heels of the Foxtrot as people began to dance the 'Quick' Foxtrot. Unlike the Foxtrot the feet often come together in the quickstep and the combination of lively music and choreography make it a very popular dance amongst ballroom dancers. Over time the dance has increased in speed to 50 – 52 bars per minute and also through the implementation of split timing making the movements fast, frenzied and fun!