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The Samba originated in Brazil and is the party dance of Rio.

It is still danced extensively in Brazil, The Samba is one of the few progressive Latin dances. The music is lively and fun and the dance is often a popular choice amongst social dancers. Energetic and fun to learn to dance. To achieve the true character of the Samba a dancer must give it a flirtatious and exuberant interpretation. Many figures, used in the Samba today, require a pelvic tilt action. This action is difficult to accomplish, but without it the dance loses much of its effect. Before 1914 it was known under a Brazilian name "Maxixe" . The first attempts of introducing samba to European ballrooms are dated 1923-24, but it was after the World War II when samba became a popular dance in Europe. Samba has a very specific rhythm, highlighted to its best by characteristic Brazilian musical instruments.


Samba song examples:

  • Love is in the Air – John Paul Young
  • La Isla Bonita – Madonna
  • Chica Chica Boom Chic – Bebel Gilberto and Carlinhos Brown
  • Maria – Ricky Martin
  • A-Tisket, A- Tasket – Ella Fitzgerald
  • Aint if funny – Jennifer Lopez
  • Kiss Kiss -Stella Soleil