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Social Foxtrot

Foxtrot refers to two dances which are set to the same style of music, one suitable for beginners, the other suitable for more advanced dancers.

The first has several names: Social Foxtrot, Slow Rhythm, American Smooth, Smooch. The second is called Slow Foxtrot. In historical terms Foxtrot itself is one of a pair of dances that share a common ancestor (the other member of the pair is Quickstep.) The common ancestor was Rag, the dance that evolved to accompany the North American ragtime music that became popular just prior to the First World War. Social Foxtrot is the first Ballroom dance we teach. It is the ideal point entry to Ballroom dancing: it gets you going and it illustrates some important points of general applicability. Some say that Social Foxtrot is the most important of all the Ballroom dances for precisely this reason. However, we teach only a little Social Foxtrot as the aim is just to get you going so that we can move on to the more advanced Ballroom dances. Foxtrot is set to music in 4/4 time, played no faster than a leisurely 30 bars per minute, however, can also be danced to a quicker tempo of 40 bars per minute. The slow steps of the basic figures involve walking: when one partner walks forward the other walks backward. You become familiar with moving together, not treading on one another and not being afraid to move confidently. You also learn to take an entire slow for the walk. The second quick involves closing the feet. Whereas in Waltz the closing of the feet may be more difficult (remembering which foot moves next) in Social Foxtrot there is a simple rule: the man moves his left foot and the lady moves her right foot. This is another good reason for learning Social Foxtrot first. Social Foxtrot is a fun, quick and easy Ballroom dance.