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The Modern Waltz

The Modern Waltz is an elegant and romantic Ballroom dance.


This classic dance brings grace, poise, and elegance to its dancers. Known for sweeping and graceful movements, the waltz is a wonderful choice for a bride and groom’s first dance, or for that sophisticated black-tie affair. The forerunner of waltz was Boston, dance imported from USA and introduced in England by a very influential "Boston Club" around 1874. However, only after 1922 did this dance become as fashionable as the Tango. The strange thing about Boston was that couples danced next to each other, nothing like what we do now. Immediately after World War I the Waltz got more shape. In 1921 it was decided that the basic movement should be: step, step, close. In 1926/1927 the waltz was improved considerably. The basic movement was changed into step-side-close. As a result of this, many more variations became possible. : So, her starting a new relationship with the evening’s last dance or celebrating a wedding or anniversary, the Waltz remains the only dance whose innate romance links it inextricably with life’s happier moments. Today, the romance of the Waltz is complemented by and danced to some great modern soft rock classics.